Simply signing up to Shimmy via our Website, you join the community as an early advocate, and provides many benefits and forward opportunities such as early access, community support & more.

Below are some key benefits or plus points from being a pioneer member of Shimmy:

  • Wider, first-choice username access i.e @James

  • Innovative creative output capabilities.

  • Safe usership and value transfer.

  • Access to original, valuable information & content.

  • Financial return potential of early usership.

  • Genuine interactions, transparency & support mechanisms.

  • Engage with likeminded others & your real-world network.

  • Early, founder member incentives & rewards.

Community Roles

Community managers, channel moderators and team responsibilities will be assigned with permissions to managers of the Shimmy community channels. This will mainly concern escalated moderation, where our community will be engaged via worded communication. All other community roles will have requirements in order to evade harmful activity and keep activity safe and harmless.

Earning Roles

The Shimmy Moderator Program, brings responsibility and rewards, for the segment of the audience who wish to offer their support, align with Shimmy values, and are active and familiar with Shimmy social channels. As a platform that aims to restrict worded interactions, we are aware that our community social channels will need real regulation from an operative point of view. So there are many Token based incentives, and a linear structure, enabling our community members to earn from helping out with the community activities. The Shimmy moderator responsibilities will become primarily focused on optimal function of the Shimmy App post launch. Mainly through regulation and validator requirements.

Developer Build program is our own incentivised partnership structure with developers working on the Shimmy project. It sets out to enthuse and integrate capable developers and technicians, who can bring value to the project development. In return for joining the development team and supporting in building out the product, we will offer generous rewards.

This structure is devised to bring more dedication and commitment through our project and those involved. Not just throughout initial development phases, but through the long-term. This is where our team foundations will be built, with a meaningful forward focus. Where worthy, dedicated advocates will come together to create and build. Where rigid 'work' arrangements get replaced for fluid creative commitments. Where people find their true alignment to bring value in the world.

Good to know: Differing levels of membership will entail not only roles and responsibilities within the community, but also rewards as a pioneer member.


For more detailed technical information, visit the Official Shimmy Github, or request a copy of our product specification here.

Bug/ Vulnerability Bounties

We will soon publish an in-depth breakdown for development based rewards.

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