Platform Structure

Shimmy is a user-centric social media platform, powered by financial technology. We are firstly an ethical social outlet for positive change, we however, also embed financial technology as a key feature, and enabler of value and impact within our platform.

We re building out our database and data management mechanisms in MySQL, with AWS as our cloud and hosting provider. This orchestrates our Front-End environment, which is formulated in Flutter/ Dart.

The Shimmy platform is structured to provide adaptable, customisable account and channel ownership, for the valued member to use with purpose. It is designed to be used as a clean slate for bespoke utility geared towards output, results and positive impact.

Although the user experience will be simplistic and intuitive, there is a solid technical grounding underpinning the platform. As highlighted below. This below visual outlines the overall usership & platform growth cycle following the launch operation:

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