What is Shimmy App?

Shimmy App is a safe, impactful social media solution. Delivering secure strings of subject-governed or context driven social (video/ audio/ image) content, powered by financial technology.
Shimmy enables high quality, short-mid form social media file sharing within certain private or public communities that have a context, subject or purpose. The project is designed to be a force for good, enabling members to action positive change.
The platform facilitates customisable media content channels with the ability to raise funding and embed transaction mechanisms. This could be anything from a campaign for a charity, to a way of accessing your latest project or interest, or documenting your latest adventure or challenge.
The app is there to be used with purpose, toward a specified end point. The goal is to bring reason, meaning and tangible positive impact to social media output for the average user, the community, the organisation. We designed the product to facilitate 'doing' content. Content that takes action with purpose and context. Content that requires consideration, planning and conviction.
Although it is ultimately up to the account holders how they use the product in terms of creative output and activity. Our design and user journey embed secure mechanisms to ensure things like audience, end points, permissions, fundraising and other post specifications can be set up to meet use case requirements and be more targeted, valuable and impact driven.
The Shimmy Application will be formulated in the Flutter 'Dart' Build environment, and will utilise the Stripe API to embed financial functionality aligned with usership. Upon reaching optimal usership, our Back-End environment will be hosted within AWS.

What is 'A Shimmy'?

A Shimmy is a string of short-mid form video, audio and image content, with a purposeful context or subject category. Think of them as Telegram channels with 'Tik-Tok-Type' content, along with added transactional and preference mechanisms. Admins manage the audience and Shimmy permissions. Members choose their viewing specifications. Shimmies are accessible by invite and by request. It is also possible to share singular Shimmy posts to a selected audience or Shimmy audience.
For more information on how the product works, click here.