Liquidity & Utility


A pre-determined liquidity provision, activated at TGE, will enable the circulating supply of the $SHM Token to be freely tradable in the open market. The Shimmy Liquidity will be locked, and the Tokens will be managed via 'Team' by Trustswap. This protects the pool from volatility or risk of personal error or miscommunication.


Utility is a primary differentiating factor, and the burgeoning 'SocialFi' USPs of ShimmyApp. No other platform on planet earth has the same usability as provided by our Dual Token Structure. These differentiators and novel use cases, are what will help the project to innovate in a destructive market. Bringing tangible value to the userbase, direct monetary linkage to social files and the leverage to impact worthy causes for the better.

Token use cases:

  • Donate to causes, projects and campaigns that you care about via Cardano Stablecoin.

  • Use to build a community.

  • Create incentive structures to market your work & content.

  • Swap $SHM in decentralised exchanges i.e Ardana, Acardex, Cardax, Ergodex, GADA, Minswap, Sundaeswap, Muesliswap, Yayswap.

  • Incentivise & engage your network.

  • Receive $SHM in rewards and Incentives for activity & value added.

  • Earn by implementing paid Shimmy feed access.

  • Hold $SHM for upward price movement.

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