Help Us Build
The time is now! Join early and get the rewards for supporting the Shimmy project! Find out more below.
Interested in offering support in marketing, development, advisory, partnerships?
Along with the TGE, Shimmy will launch the Developer build program. This enables advocate developers to contribute their efforts to the Shimmy platform and its operation in return for $SHM Token rewards and bounties.
We're also looking for people to help with:
  • Community & Growth.
  • Product Testing & Feedback.
  • Influencer Engagement.
  • Plutus, Haskell & Marlowe Development.
  • Smart Contract build & deployment.
If any of the above areas sound interesting to you and you like the project, reach out to us via any of the below:
Join our community Discord Server.
Join our Telegram Chat.
Reach out to us on Twitter.
Reach out to [email protected].
More information about membership structures here.
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