The Shimmy App is designed to bring reason, meaning and impact to social media usage and output. The UI facilitates content with a purpose, content with well defined context and end-goal parameters. It is made to be used for 'wow factor' content. To present actionable, well thought out media that sends a clear message.
Through linking our off-chain Javascript language to on-chain Plutus scripts, our platform connects with the Cardano Blockchain, enabling the $SHM smart contracts to connect to the app front-end easily. The media and data storage back-end systems will be powered through AWS. This enables safe, reliable and fast database connectivity, and a consistent user experience.
The front-end, purposefully designed to provide a safe, seamless and bespoke user journey, will be intuitive and simple, leaving focus on the content and it's relative meaning and value. The content format within the platform is short-mid form video & audio posts. This is strictly because of the transparent and expressive nature of both mediums, and the lack of animosity in comparison to text content, for example. Whilst we strongly advocate for free speech, we are more assured in the transparency of modern communication methods, and actively set out to avoid the ambiguity commonplace with written word in a social context.
The early versions of Shimmy Dapp, will be a fully mobile responsive web application. This makes the process and deployment more efficient and manageable from a development point of view, and ensures a consistent, reliable interface for the platform.
Cardano does not claim exponential energy to boost performance and create blocks, unlike other blockchains. The performance-sustainability balance is achieved by combining novel technologies like multi-ledger, side chains, and equivalent deal reuse via multiple-party state channels. This means that building Shimmy Token on Cardano, is environmentally friendly and consumes the minimum amount of energy.
Have a flick through the below visual to get a firmer idea of Shimmy Dapp and its real-world usability. Below are two mobile Dapp views:
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