How does Governance work with Shimmy?

As a truly ethical operation, Shimmy will conduct open voting processes and engage all dedicated members of the network in decision making that concerns the forward progression of the project. We stand for bottom up as opposed to top-down governance, equality and mutual agreement.

Shimmy Token was created to provide utility and govern certain community focused and operational activities & decisions. Much of the platform and activity governance will be managed by active members, who will receive rewards for doing so. We will also conduct community voting for certain public matters via our Community Discord channel and Snapshot voting platform.

The Shimmy Snapshot account will be a place where members can share their opinion by broadcasting voting proposals with the rest of the network. Also where voting will take place on community decisions. The governance structure will be implemented based on the battle-tested OpenZeppelin Governor contract. Visit our FAQ to see more information on community voting.


As a transparent, decentralised entity, the large majority of the manual platform regulation will be conducted by the members or nodes within the network. There will be escalation mechanisms whereby verified team members resolve special cases, and detailed reporting processes.

By design, Shimmy implements a 'prevention is better than cure' approach to adverse content and usership, ensuring that there are clear cut, refined posting specifications and requirements. Ensuring that we prevent harmful activity and animosity through our ecosystem.

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