Safety & Transparency

This page does not reflect any official or legally binding statements. It is on behalf of the user, to outline our dedication to transparency & fairness through our platform.


Safety remains a paramount consideration for the delivery of Shimmy. It is an elementary factor within the project that is crucial to the optimal user experience. We are absolutely committed to following best practises, and championing safety and security through our platform. Operating a public facing product however, undoubtedly comes with certain associated risks. We embed clear cut processes and procedures, and remain active in implementing security measures, yet still advise caution & to conduct the necessary research before interacting with the Shimmy platform.


Shimmy is a completely transparent entity, with clear intentions and motives as a member driven platform. Parts of our codebase and lots of our development materials will be open source and available to the public. This testifies our commitment to being a truly community driven project. We use data ethically, and with our members' best interests at heart.


No permission is required from any company, government, or institution to interact with Shimmy. Our smart contracts can be interacted with at any time. Beyond our typical KYC procedures, our protocol is freely ready to be used and managed.


We will never have access to or custody over your money. Your money is in your control all the time, through your preferred compatible wallet.


The Shimmy Token is not yet in circulation. Although prior to reaching the mainnet, we will conduct a third party audit of the smart contracts. In the meantime, we remain focused on security measures and testing with integration tests, public code reviews, bug bounties, and penetration testing.

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