Use Cases

How will the Token be spent & earned throughout the app? There are a few statements below giving examples on the physical usage of the token within the platform.
Utility and ease of engaging with Shimmy smart contracts is pivotal in bridging the social & crypto gap and encouraging usage. Below are examples of the main areas in which the Token transactions will seamlessly take place:
Case Study 1 - Stan creates a 'South-West Running Club' Shimmy and restricts access by location and $0.15SHM entry fee.
Case Study 2 - Megan joins the official rock-climbers association for a fee of $0.005SHM to access their updates!
Case Study 3 - Jonny looks through paid Shimmys to see which ones he can earn from joining.
Case study 4 - Delia receives a Shimmy invite from Amanda. Amanda is giving out $0.05 Bounties for members who join her Shimmy before Saturday with the code #Amanda11.
Simply by attaining $SHM via a decentralised exchange, airdrop, payment or sale, our members will have access to the full usability of the platform. Being able to put the currency to use in-app and reap the rewards from doing so.
The below depiction displays a basic overview of the user journey for Shimmy: