Use Cases

How will financial functionality work in the app? There are a few statements below giving examples on the usage of monetary functionality within the platform.

Shimmy creates multiple innovative use cases for individual and community social media of value. Through the structure of the design, the clear cut interest and subject matter and the user controls and permissions, we deliver a purposeful, productive and impactful experience.

Create a Shimmy to set out on and hold yourself accountable to a specific challenge, post your sports teams content updates, keep your audience updated, raise awareness and investment for a cause close to your heart. Whatever you do with Shimmy, you can be confident that you have control, and the platform is built to support you and what you are doing.

Utility and ease of taking action with Shimmies is pivotal in bridging the social & fintech gap and encouraging productive usage. Below are examples of the main areas in which the financial transactions will seamlessly take place:

Case Study 1 - Stan creates a 'South-West Running Club' Shimmy and restricts access by location and a £2 monthly fee.

Case Study 2 - Megan joins the official rock-climbers association for a joining fee of £5 to access their updates!

Case Study 3 - A new brand creates a Shimmy with a 25-day challenge, to grow awareness and reach.

Case Study 4 - Jonny looks through paid Shimmies to see which ones he can earn from joining.

Case Study 5 - The Adams Family create a private family Shimmy so they can share their social posts safely.

Case study 6 - Delia receives a Shimmy invite from Amanda. Amanda is giving out £1 Bounties for members who join her Shimmy before Saturday with the code #Amanda11.

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