Community & Rewards

The community is the most important factor in the rate and quality of project growth. We work to engage and incentivise loyal community members, who can also grow with the project. There must be a continual rewarding, easy and purposeful experience as a community member or contributor. It is in achieving this advocacy and community spirit, that propels the best rates of growth and usership.

Shimmy online member community. Discussion Providing valued members with an outlet of communication and feedback to have their involvement in the project. Differing roles and community voting updates. Join Server

Community voting will take place via the Discord Community channel and Snapshot Voting platform.


Rewards within the Shimmy ecosystem will be centered around the following:

  • Activity

  • Participation

  • Value-adding

  • Initiatives

  • Community & member development

Rewards can be obtained directly through engagement & completing tasks within the platform. Once the determining factors are met surrounding raising token donations in Shimmy, such as completing a pre-determined challenge, campaign or task. The post holder shall obtain full access and usership of the funds. If the funds are being raised for a third party, their address will be written into the smart contract, to act as the automated recipient upon completion.

Funds can be raised on short-term and even conditional terms, although the platform is designed so that campaigns of real value to the community will rank higher and generate real support, interest and traction within the platform.


Through our Developer Build Program, there will be structures of $SHM bounties offered as rewards for developer and partner commits to the project. The full program structure and incentives will be released upon TGE.

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