The initial Shimmy App MVP will be formulated in the below technologies.. We will deploy the $SHM Token on the Cardano blockchain, and integrate into the Shimmy application.
The below list outlines the primary software stack for Shimmy App:
Cardano - Blockchain protocol.
Github - Open source team and community development.
Gitbook - Shimmy Documentation.
Plutus & Marlowe - Cardano Smart Contracts.
AWS - Back-End hosting & Database. (Aurora/ DynamoDB)
CSS - Front end MVP Design.
EJS/ React - Front-end development.
Javascript - Web & Front-end development.
Node JS - Back-end development.
PostgreSQL - Back-end programming.
With much of the Shimmy programming being open sourced, it enables community vetting and tested code bases. We will conduct regular publicly available audits, available to our userbase.
The most convenient way to view our most up-to-date technical information is on our Github.
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