Our straight forward and intuitive, user-centric design & interface, is underpinned by stable and precise back-end infrastructure. In handling personal data, we must ensure our processes are well documented, secure and ethical. We endeavour to champion safety and security, following optimal quality standards and best practices.

The Shimmy App first versions will be formulated primarily with the following technology stack:

Krystal - Web & Email Hosting.

Github - Open source team and community development.

Gitbook - Shimmy Documentation.

Flutter/ Dart - Front-End build/ programming.

AWS - Cloud hosting & Data Architecture.

MySQL - Database Infrastructure.

Postman - API management.

Stripe - Fiat financial functionality.

Javascript - Web & Front-end development.

Cardano - Blockchain protocol {V2}.

Plutus & Marlowe - Cardano Smart Contracts {V2}.

With much of the Shimmy programming being open sourced, it enables community vetting and tested code bases. We will conduct regular publicly available audits, available to our userbase.

The most convenient way to view our most up-to-date technical information is on our Github.

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