The below outlines the milestones throughout 2022.
The information on this page is reflective of the current plan and subject to regular updates and amendments. The structure, priority and timing of certain areas and their status may differ.

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Prior to 2022, Shimmy underwent valuable processes in terms of stabilisation and adaptation for future development & deployment. Some of these key Milestones are highlighted below:
  • Conceptualisation & Planning.
  • Branding & Media.
  • Business Plan, Pitch Deck, Marketing & Financial Documents.
  • Market research, methodologies and strategy.
  • Design & Prototypes.
  • Community Gathering & Feedback.

Present Roadmap

Below displays the finer elements of the ongoing processes with the project development.

Q4 2022

  • Team Hires & Developers.
  • Global Marketing Campaigns.
  • Full Beta Product Launch.
  • In-App Content Campaigns & Initiatives.
  • Token Airdrop #3.
  • Exposure, Service & Global delivery partnerships.
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