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Main drivers/ focuses for marketing:

  • Clear campaign & consistent strategy.
  • Brand awareness strategies & practise.
  • Marketing & Member acquisition campaigns.
  • Events & Marketing Campaigns.
  • Influencer & Ambassador adoption.
  • Viral Exposure.
  • Real-world, positive results.
  • Token & Product exposure.

Target Market

The overall target market for Shimmy is communities. The product and use cases are designed for communities, be it sports teams, book clubs or anything in-between. The refined target user for the Shimmy platform is the professional Influencer/ Community leader who is active across social media communities. This is the perfect captive persona who will benefit the most from using the Shimmy platform, and bring the most growth.
We set out to target the young professional, the outgoing communicator who gives time, effort and creativity to their social media activity. These are the characters that will bring an influx of users, demonstrate ideal usership and bring new initiatives to in-app activity.
Below is a breakdown of the target user personas for Shimmy:
Why would i use it?
Do you have a hobby, passion or interest that you give time to? Do you have a cause or charity that you support? Why not start or join a Shimmy in that area!
What do i get out of it?
You can earn money, provide support or funding for one of your causes, build a true network of others caring for the same reasons. Not to mention exposure and access to 'next-gen' social media content and initiatives. Shimmy is there for impact and elevated fulfilment.
What benefits does it have compared to other built up channels?
Shimmy points the usership and output of the platform into a productive and cause-driven direction. Giving members and their peer to peer networks a voice and the power to take affirmed action. To bring people together in doing worldly good through social activity.
What is the point of Shimmy?
Ultimately, this is a question that we aim to present to the subjective user - How can you get the most out of Shimmy? How can you use Shimmy to bring value to your world or the world of others?

Market Research & Analysis

We have conducted numerous studies within our target market segments. We are also currently engaging in one to one market analysis & research into the Shimmy product, its primary use cases and projected demand and requirements from the target market.
Sentiment & Organic Growth are two primary considerations when building out the early Shimmy Community. In order to have a stable and loyal userbase through the long-term, we must engage aligned advocates with our values, desired usership and impact, and provide a consistently rewarding and purposeful user experience.

Market Fun Facts

  • ALS related organisations received +$220 Million via the #Icebucketchallenge.
  • 29% of online charitable donors say social media is the tool that inspires them to give.
  • 55% of people who engage with non-profits on social media take action. 59% of those people donate money.
  • Approximately $112 Billion is traded in crypto per day.

Product-Market Fit

Before Shimmy
After Shimmy
Lack of real-world crypto usability. High transaction fees. Low utility.
Easy & clear utility. Low fees. Cause driven direct crypto application.
Harmful, destructive social media impact.
Social value and purposeful usability.
Lack of motive, access or understanding with crypto & social utility.
The inspiration, control and incentive to use crypto with social media.


  • Monthly member newsletter.
  • Automated email marketing campaigns with Mailgun & FluentCRM.
  • Automated mail activity updates.
  • Social media channel updates, interactions & announcements.
  • Blog posts & Website updates.
The below sub-sections outline some of the marketing initiatives pre and post product launch. The general positive impact of end-usership, rate of developmental growth and success in the market depends on building a loyal, dedicated and strong community.


Throughout the launch & early growth phases. Airdrops will be scheduled to build out our target membership network.
TGE Airdrop #1 - $SHM2,000,000/ $SHM10,000 Airdropped to 200 lucky participants of the Airdrop in the Whitelist.

Rewards & incentives

  • $5SHM for every invitee signed up.
  • Influencer engagement program.
  • Community builder rewards.
  • Consistent usership rewards.

Campaigns & Initiatives

  • 'Shimmy dance' media campaign.
  • #Socialforgood campaign.
  • Shimmy store - Merchandise (hula hoops, clothing, hardware wallets, stickers etc.).
  • Influencer Partnerships - Bespoke partnership terms & incentive structures.
  • Shimmy Public In-app campaigns & initiatives i.e Ice Bucket challenge.