Main drivers/ focuses for marketing:

  • Clear campaign & consistent strategy.
  • Brand awareness strategies & practise.
  • Marketing & Member acquisition campaigns.
  • Events & Marketing Campaigns.
  • Influencer & Ambassador adoption.
  • DeFi & DEX availability.
  • Real-world, positive results.
  • Token & Product exposure.

Target Market

The refined target audience for the Shimmy platform is the young, web-3 aware professional who is active across social media. This is the perfect captive audience who will benefit the most from using the Shimmy platform.
Below is a breakdown of the target user personas for Shimmy:
Why would i use it?
What do i get out of it?
What benefits does it have compared to other built up channels?
What is the point of Shimmy?

Market Research & Analysis

We have conducted numerous studies within our target market segments. We are also currently engaging in one to one market analysis & research into the Shimmy product, its primary use cases and projected demand and requirements from the target market.
Sentiment & Organic Growth are two primary considerations when building out the early Shimmy Community. In order to have a stable and loyal userbase through the long-term, we must engage aligned advocates with our values, desired usership and impact, and provide a consistently rewarding and purposeful user experience.

Market Fun Facts

  • ALS related organisations received +$220 Million via the #Icebucketchallenge.
  • 29% of online charitable donors say social media is the tool that inspires them to give.
  • 55% of people who engage with non-profits on social media take action. 59% of those people donate money.
  • Approximately $112 Billion is traded in crypto per day.

Product-Market Fit

Before Shimmy
After Shimmy
Lack of real-world crypto usability. High transaction fees. Low utility.
Easy & clear utility. Low fees. Cause driven direct crypto application.
Harmful, destructive social media impact.
Social value and purposeful usability.
Lack of motive, access or understanding with crypto & social utility.
The inspiration, control and incentive to use crypto with social media.


  • Monthly member newsletter.
  • Automated email marketing campaigns with Mailgun & FluentCRM.
  • Automated mail activity updates.
  • Social media channel updates, interactions & announcements.
  • Blog posts & Website updates.
The below sub-sections outline some of the marketing initiatives pre and post product launch. The general positive impact of end-usership, rate of developmental growth and success in the market depends on building a loyal, dedicated and strong community.


Throughout the launch & early growth phases. Airdrops will be scheduled to build out our target membership network.
TGE Airdrop #1 - $SHM2,000,000/ $SHM10,000 Airdropped to 200 lucky participants of the Airdrop in the Whitelist.

Rewards & incentives

  • $5SHM for every invitee signed up.
  • Influencer engagement program.
  • Community builder rewards.
  • Consistent usership rewards.

Campaigns & Initiatives

  • 'Shimmy dance' media campaign.
  • #Socialforgood campaign.
  • Shimmy store - Merchandise (hula hoops, clothing, hardware wallets, stickers etc.).
  • Influencer Partnerships - Bespoke partnership terms & incentive structures.
  • Shimmy Public In-app campaigns & initiatives i.e Ice Bucket challenge.