Conceptualised in late 2017, the Shimmy project, has been through many reiterations during the ideation stage. Faced a lot of challenges and had a steep adaptation curve in order to reach todays proposition. Whilst there have been many revelations and breakthroughs along the way, the overlying principles and driving forces remain the same. This is an ethical, tech for good project, designed to deliver more utility, more ambition, more direction and more impact through community social media content.

With the creative potential enabled through modern, transferrable mediums of communication such as HD Video, Image & Audio, and the ease of connectivity and usability through modern technologies. Shimmy begs the question why not channel social media output in a more progressive direction? Why not direct our efforts with content toward a specific end? Toward doing our bit in the world? Why not use social to bring positive change?

  • Transparent, Safeguarded Application.

  • Secure social media file sharing.

  • Housed Short-mid form Video, Audio & Images.

  • Privatised, topic/ subject governed community feeds.

  • Purposeful, impactful, 'make it happen' content.

  • Bespoke Shimmy structures, post parameters & set-up.

  • Choose to raise funds with your Shimmy content.

  • Contribute to worthy causes, bring your own value.

  • Join & Support aligned campaigns, initiatives & movements.

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