Token Launch

The timing of the Shimmy Token Generation Event (TGE) and Airdrops remain subject to change depending on variables such as partnerships, community demand and market conditions.

The Shimmy TGE will coincide with an exclusive decentralised exchange launch. The details of this listing will be announced upon confirmation of the finalised TGE event details.

The launch of the Shimmy Token onto the Cardano mainnet will enable the utility, governance and price activations prior to the release and early usership of the Shimmy product. This will then bring full utility to the Token and network. Below are some insights on the Token launch:

  • 10% of funds will be added to Liquidity.

  • All unsold tokens throughout the IDO period will be burned.

  • There will be a member airdrop following the DEX launch.

  • The TGE Launch price will be $0.001.

  • The maximum public token purchase is $SHM 50,000,000.

Below are the only methods of accessing $SHM Token prior to the TGE Launch. See our socials page for a list of official channels. Beware of scammers and do your own research before buying.

Early Rewards


Whitelist Access




20/06/2022 - 04/07/2022

10,000,000 $SHM

Member Rewards

MVP Launch (TBC)

2,500,000 P/M

As an invite-only and incentive driven project. The token rewards will be an integral and primary element of the on-boarding and engagement activities. It will flow through the app, governing certain actions & conditional automations.

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