$SHM Token
$SHM is a Cardano Native token deployed on the Cardano Blockchain. Its function as a utility token within the Shimmy platform is to facilitate our reward and incentive mechanisms in relation to in-app content, activities and group ('Shimmy') ownership and access. This brings a typical transactional element to the transfer of the Shimmy Token 'in-app', yet our smart contract protocol and user interface enable the surrounding context of the exchange to be based upon more widespread parameters than a typical buyer - seller exchange.
Our Dual-Token Structure, means that the giving, or donation use cases are facilitated with a Cardano Native Stablecoin. This means that donations between parties, access & control fees, and conditional or contractual agreements, are facilitated with a widely usable Stablecoin, meaning that the $SHM Token can be accrued and held onto as the valuable in-app asset that will increase in value in alignment with demand and optimal usership.
See below the basic Shimmy Token information:
Name: Shimmy Token
Ticker: $SHM
Type: Cardano ADA
Total Supply: 5,000,000,000
Initial Supply: 1,052,500,000
Token Listing: (Mainnet Date TBC - Between 11-28th November)
Distribution: See Distribution.
Vesting: See Vesting.
Contract Address: Coming Soon.
Policy ID: Coming Soon.
Chart: Coming Soon.
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